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Supporting Surprise DNA Discoveries

Supporting Surprise DNA Discoveries

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WHEN DNA Exposes Difficult Truths

DNA testing and companies such as 23andMe, Ancestry, and MyHeritage are commonplace in our world now. Are you prepared for what your clients might discover?

Adopted people now commonly use DNA testing to build family trees and search for their first family. Some people test 'just for fun' and discover that Dad isn't their biological father. The realization that one was donor conceived (and lied to about it) can be shocking, to say the least. Or, imagine being found when Aunt Sally's now adult daughter who was relinquished at birth reaches out to you. Most people have no idea where to begin.

Confronting and processing these issues is different than other types of counseling. It's a unique sub-specialty, and clinicians would be wise to familiarize themselves with the common challenges these clients face.

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We are excited for you to learn from one of the best educators on intersectional mental health issues and an expert who delivers real talk about clinical applications.

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What Course Attendees say


Katy is an amazing individual who loves to teach and empower others to do their best. She provides a safe place to discuss and exchange ideas.

Licensed Master Social Worker

Attendee of Katy's Narcissism Training

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