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about Katy

Committed to social justice, Katy is also an expert at incorporating current news and events into her speaking engagements, in relevant and thoughtful ways. From trauma and religious oppression to the prevention of intimate partner violence and community mobilization, Katy passionately supports and speaks to the concerns, struggles and triumphs of disenfranchised groups.


Katy has more than 20 years of public speaking and training experience in a variety of issues, including: 

  • Adoption

  • Cultural Competence 

  • Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence 

  • Legislative Advocacy

  • Intersectionality of Oppression

  • LGBTQIA Issues and Experiences

  • Prevention Of Sexual Violence 

  • Gender Norms

  • Peace Building With Youth

  • Bystander Intervention

  • Community Mobilization

Speaking and Training Experience


WORK experience

Katy has led as a private practice clinical director since 2008. During that time, she has also worked with many organizations in contract and full-time positions, providing therapy and training for an amazing cross-section of mental health, trauma and end of life care.

Early in her career, Katy gravitated towards those communities and public health care systems dealing with acute trauma. She developed tools for foster parent screening and supporting the emergency needs of Dallas County Child Protective Services.

Between 2008 and 2014, Katy worked at Parkland Rape Crisis and Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center in roles of prevention and education, as well as supporting process improvements and innovations like the creation of Parkland Safe Families Coalition.

Between 2014 and 2019, Katy worked in hospital and corporate healthcare settings to provide employee training of interdisciplinary teams as well as holistic care for patients and their families. At Medical City Dallas Hospital, her care for patients included discharge planning, advocacy and crisis intervention. With Vitas Healthcare, she advised teams (including Admissions, Home Hospice, Field Staff) on Adult and Child Protective Services reports, cultural competence, assessment of mental health needs and more. 

Since 2019, Katy has been focused exclusively on her private practice, with offices in Texas and North Carolina, and as a national speaker and educator. She often develops training modules that fill in the education gaps for mental health professionals, or address current traumatic events, like racial violence or mass shootings, to provide counseling to those who suffer from visceral trauma as a community.


Volunteer experience

Her volunteer work includes time with Planned Parenthood Association, Phi Alpha Social Work Honor Society, Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance at Texas Tech University, and more. She was a founding board member of Support Texas Adoptee Rights (STAR).

As part of her commitment to bridging social justice movements and advocating for traditionally marginalized populations, she has served as a member of the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, the Texas Council for Family Violence, the National Association of Social Workers, and Adoption Knowledge Affiliates. She is also a member of the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic ViolenceCarolina Resource Center for Eating Disorders and Association for Size Diversity and Health.

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