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Adoption Competence for Eating Disorder Professionals

Adoption Competence for Eating Disorder Professionals

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Adoption competence for eating disordered professionals

Adopted people frequently present with disordered eating habits. Learn how to support clients who have experienced family separation trauma. This course will breakdown how the ambiguous loss of adoption, the lived experiences of adopted people and the secrecy sometimes associated with adoption are contributing risk factors for clients who present with disordered eating.

Gain insights and practical applications for ED clients who may also be from adoptive families. 

2 CE hours, where applicable based on state requirements, and certificate of completion upon request

How to Take this Course

We are excited for you to learn from one of the best educators on intersectional mental health issues and an expert who delivers real talk about clinical applications.

Once you have created a log in and purchased this course, you can watch it at your own pace while logged in to the site. Start, stop and replay as often as you would like. We would also love to hear from you. Email questions or comments to Certificates of Completion are available upon request by emailing

What Course Attendees say

It is possible - it's NECESSARY - to find a way to straddle the “both and” in adoption. To be honest with what's not good, awful, and even deadly without collapsing into shame or blame.

Katy doesn't shy away from inviting attendees to look at the uncomfortably hard- both in themselves and adoption as an institution.

Robyn Gobbel, MSW

Author of Raising Kids with Big Baffling Behaviors

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