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Speaking & Training: Katy Perkins

I love public speaking. I’m well aware most people don’t! But you will know when I work with your group that I love it. Past audiences have consistently said that our trainings are thought provoking, spirited, meaningful, motivating, and most importantly – necessary. Many folks have said they didn’t know they needed this information until they heard it. My favorite thing is finding ways for you to relate to what I’m saying. I live for that A-HA moment. That is done with case studies, real world examples, and a presentation style that is down to earth and engaging. I’m known for my ability to making a training fun, or at least not painful, even when the topic might be decidedly NOT fun (suicide prevention, anyone?)

All trainings and speaking engagements are tailored to match the needs of the audience, whoever that may be. I’ve presented to mental health professionals, hospital staff, first responders, parents, nonprofit agencies, educators, church groups, adoption agencies, colleges, high schools, and more.

Whether you’re looking for a one-time session, opening/closing keynote address, a multi-session training program, or have specific continuing education requirements you need to meet, let’s talk about how I can support your needs.

Topics* include but are not limited to:

  • Real World Ethics

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Cultural Competence

  • Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence

  • Lifespan Impacts of Family Separation

  • Suicide and Prevention

  • Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

  • DNA Discoveries: Family Secrets and Surprises

  • Commonly Missed Mental Health Issues Post Adoption

  • Commonly Missed Mental Health Issues for Trauma Survivors

  • Adoption & Foster Care: search and reunion; ethical practices; open adoption; rights of adopted persons; open records legislation; adoption through the lifespan; transracial adoption; identity development; international adoption

  • Oppression, Discrimination, and ‘Isms’

  • The Importance of Self Care

  • Political Trauma

*Please note: some topics/trainings are only available as a team-taught session

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