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Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

It doesn’t matter if it happened yesterday or 40 years ago, trauma resulting from domestic and/or sexual violence can be a haunting experience. Trauma re-wires your nervous system and messes with your inner knowing. It can cause you to doubt yourself and your instincts.
And it can happen to anyone.

Domestic Violence

You might be wondering, “Is what’s happening to me abuse?” or thinking “It could be a lot worse, it’s not really that bad”. Whether you’re just trying to survive, in the process of leaving, or looking to break free from traumatic memories, we can help you figure out your next steps.

Identifying and understanding abusive behavior and

Recognizing patterns of power and control

Exploring your options

Safety planning

Learn about how trauma affects the brain

Long-term healing and growth

Sexual Assault

You might not call what happened to you abuse, sexual assault, harassment, or rape, but it still had an impact. You might not have ever talked about it before, or been afraid to report it. You have a right to be believed and supported. It wasn’t your fault. You’re a survivor.

Identifying and understanding sexual violence and harrassment

Recognizing patterns of grooming

Exploring your options about reporting to law
enforcement and/or going to the hospital for a
SANE exam ("rape kit")

Learn about how trauma affects the brain

Long-term healing and growth

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