Adoption/Foster Care

For some, adoption is seen as a blessing. For others, it may have been a deeply painful life experience. It’s always there, in the background, and affects people throughout the lifespan. I can help you sort out how much is the ‘adoption experience’ and how much is the other stuff of life. There is no blueprint for the relationships we often develop in the adoption experience. It’s less about ‘nature vs. nurture’, and more about figuring out who you want to be moving forward.  

DNA discoveries (found family members, realizing “Dad” isn’t biological father, and more)

Adopted people — domestic, international, transracial 

Original parents, and expectant parents considering adoption

Obtaining original birth records

Search and reunion

Childhood abuse and neglect in adoptive/foster/original families

Consult for people considering adopting

Genetic sexual attraction (GSA)